Erectile dysfunction treatment methods in the USA

Erectile dysfunction is a pathology of sexual function in men in which it is not possible to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. In this case, the duration of the violation must be at least 3 months. This type of sexual disorder is one of the most common in the world because it affects 52% of men between the ages of 40 and 70. 20% of men over the age of 30 have difficulty getting an erection. ED is 15-20% more common in smokers than in non-smokers. Almost every man has had an episode of erectile dysfunction at least once in his life.

Other types of sexual dysfunction in men

There are also disorders of sexual function in men that are not directly erectile dysfunction, but they affect the quality of life no less. There are various ejaculation disorders. The greatest discomfort not only for a man but also for a woman is caused by accelerated ejaculation. The inability to have quality sexual contact leads to psycho-emotional stress, and even to the unwillingness to have sex at all in the USA. Painful and difficult ejaculation is less frequent, but it also drastically reduces the quality of life. With various neurological diseases, anejacular syndrome can develop - a complete inability to achieve orgasm and ejaculation independently. After prostate surgery and the application of certain medications, permanent retrograde ejaculation can occur - sperm is thrown into the bladder during orgasm. One of the most common sexual disorders is a lack of sexual desire, desire (libido). Decreased libido can be caused by neuro-emotional overload, physical fatigue as well as accompanying body diseases and hormonal disorders. Above all, these anomalies are treated quite successfully and safely. Their timely correction is important in order to prevent the creation of secondary psychological deviations.

When diagnosing erectile dysfunction, it is very important to determine its severity. It is also necessary to find out the cause of these disorders, in order to determine the disease that caused the development of erectile dysfunction. It is necessary to determine the presence or absence of other types of sexual disorders (decreased libido, ejaculation and orgasmic disorders).

Psychogenic dysfunction usually occurs suddenly. At the same time, normal morning erections are maintained. Psychogenic disorders often cause problems with the partner. Erectile dysfunction in this case occurs only in certain circumstances and under different conditions - sexual function is normal.

The opposite is true with organic erectile dysfunction. Problems appear gradually, morning erection is reduced or completely absent. At the same time, a good sex drive usually lasts. The quality of sexual intercourse almost always suffers, with each partner and in different situations. When the first alarming symptoms appear - lack of sexual desire and poor erection - it is necessary to consult an andrologist.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

Before starting treatment, all patients are advised to exclude risk factors for erectile dysfunction as much as possible. Normalization of lifestyle and sexual activity is important. An important step is to solve the problem of the possibility of canceling or replacing the medication you are taking, which can affect your erection. Neurological and heart problems are eliminated with the help of close experts, especially psychotherapists. Doctors recommend that such patients seek advice from a sexologist and psychologist together with their partner - this will help you understand, relax and believe.
Treatment methods also vary depending on the cause of the disease. If a curable cause of erectile dysfunction is identified, it must be eliminated.

There are stages in the conservative treatment of erectile dysfunction

1. In the first phase, in the presence of appropriate indications, drugs are used to stimulate erection (especially type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors). In the presence of androgen deficiency - drugs that increase the concentration of testosterone. Injectable and transdermal forms of testosterone are used for androgen replacement therapy. The drug, dose, regimen and duration of the course are chosen individually. It is necessary to take any medicines of this group only according to the instructions of the doctor. If not, serious side effects are possible. In the case of psychogenic disorders, psychosexual therapy is an important step in the first line of treatment.

If the prescription is impossible or the patient does not wish to use drugs, it is recommended to prescribe local negative pressure therapy as a physical first aid aid. The essence of the method lies in the fact that the penis is placed in a special flask, where negative pressure is created by means of a vacuum pump. This leads to an increase in blood flow to the penis, which leads to an erection. To maintain an erection, a special compression ring is applied to the bottom of the penis to limit venous outflow.

2. The second phase of treatment involves the intracavernous or intraurethral administration of vasoactive agents. It is used in the absence of drugs. The efficiency and quality of the erection are quite high. You can read more on - official USA website with ed pills for sale online. This method of treatment has contraindications and side effects.


If conservative therapy is ineffective, surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction is used as needed. Patients from the United States with lesions of the penile arteries that feed the pelvic organs are advised to have surgery on the vessels. If all other methods of treating erectile dysfunction are unsuccessful, if the patient insists on a radical solution to his problem, phalaendoprothetics with semi-rigid prostheses or plumbing that mimic an erection is recommended as a last resort. The number of satisfied patients after penile prosthesis exceeds 80%.